Levan Kharatishvili (Georgia)
Creative Museum - Focus on: Creativity, Innovation, Education and Urban Development
Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia

Mr. Levan Kharatushvili is a Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia since 2018 (and 2014). In the capacity of the Deputy Minister, Mr. Kharatishvili supervises cultural heritage protection, international relations, cultural and sport policy and creative industries. Mr. Kharatishvili successfully coordinated the cultural strategy elaboration process that has resulted into elaboration of the Culture Strategy 2025 that has been adopted by the Georgian Government on 1st of July 2016. His efforts helped to speed up Georgia’s affiliation with EU ‘Creative Europe’ Program in February 2015.


Levan has graduated from the Tbilisi State University with the Master of Arts in International Law. He has 8 years experience working for various civil society organizations and 6 years work experience as a Headmaster of Buckswood International School – one of the leading private secondary schools in Georgia.


Levan has received an Award for the Promotion of International Education by European Council of International Schools in 2013. He is the founder of educational portal –  


Newton Cunha_edited.jpg
Museums, Education and Cultural Action: Between Old and New Meanings 
SESC Agent and Cultural Assessor
N. Cunha was cultural action agent and ex-adviser for Sesc (Social Service of Commerce), during 35 years (1972-2007). Sesc is, since 1946, one of the most important and widespread Brazilian cultural institution in Brazil.

Graduated in Journalism of USP – University of São Paulo – and in Philosophy  for PUC – Pontifical Catholic University, São Paulo –, he has also took the Sociology Course in Adult Education and Leisures, under the direction of Mr. Joffre Dumazier (Sorbonne).

He is Author of: The Imagined Happiness (relations between the concepts of work and leisure), Ed. Brasiliense, 1987; SESC Dictionary, the Language of Culture, Ed. Perspectiva, 2003; Culture and Cultural Action, Edições SESC, 2010; Philosophy and Surrealism, the Insufficiency of Reality (essay pertaining to the collective work The Surrealism), Ed. Perspectiva, 2008; Philosophy, Science and Naturalism (essay for the collective work The Naturalism), Ed. Perspectiva, 2016.

Since 2008, he became translator and, among others authors and books, he has made the Portuguese versions of: Denis Diderot (his articles from the French Encyclopedia, Essay on the Life of Seneca, Paris Salons); René Descartes (opera omnia); Giordano Bruno (complete Italian works)

- Baruch Spinoza (opera omnia); Gottfried Leibnitz (Theodicy, Discourse on Metaphisics, Monadologie, New Essays on Human Understanding) etc. 


The Georgian National Museum - Innovative Storytelling and public outreach
Director General, 
Georgian National Museum
Prof. David Lordkipanidze is the first Director General of the Georgian National Museum  (GNM). He  oversees  transformation - renovation  process of  the  GNM from  a  Soviet-style  institution  into a  vibrant  space  for culture,  education  and science.
Paleoanthropologists David   Lordkipanidze has   authored   more   than   150 scientific  articles published  in  widely  respected  and  well-known scientific journals  such  as  Nature,  Science Magazine,  Proceedings  of  US National Academy of Sciences and more.
David Lordkipanidze was a visiting Professor at Harvard University and serves as a  professor  of European program  Erasmus  Mundus.  He  also serves  both  as member and as chair of science committees for the exhibition concepts in the world’s leading museums. 
Since 2007 David Lordkipanidze is a foreign associate member of the National Academy    of  Sciences    (USA),    corresponding    member    of German archaeological  institute  (2008),  member of  Georgian  National  Academy of Sciences (2009),  member  of  the  European  Academy  of Sciences  and  Arts (2010), Member of the Academy of Europe ((Academia Europaea), 2011).